Corporate Finance in Wirral-Dufton Kellner

Raising Finance - Advisory Services in Wirral

If you are seeking to start up a new venture or expand your existing business, the chances are that you will need to raise finance. In typical cases:

  • Your business may be growing and require additional working capital
  • You may need to relocate to larger or better premises.
  • You may need to invest in new plant and machinery in order to expand production or grow the business

Accessing funding has become increasingly challenging in recent years, but with the right advice it is still possible to get the right outcome. Apart from re-mortgaging or borrowing from acquaintances, the most common sources of finance include:

  • Debt factoring
  • Venture capital and business angels
  • Leasing
  • Selling an interest to a partner
  • Hire purchase
  • Bank overdrafts and loans
  • Government grants
  • Issuing shares in your company

We have the contacts and the expertise to assist you in achieving the most suitable funding arrangement for your business. But remember, when raising finance from an external source you will almost certainly have to provide a credible and comprehensive business plan to demonstrate how you will service the finance obtained.

We will work with you to:

  • Develop your business plan
  • Put together financial forecasts to assess the feasibility of your proposal
  • Negotiate the optimum terms of agreement.

In each of the main areas of raising finance - choosing a funding source, securing the finance, and writing a business plan - we can assist you.

Our Wirral team has the expertise to help you decide the best method of raising finance to fund your business. We will examine your particular circumstances and do a comparative study of the costs of each possibility, as well as considering any tax implications.

In addition, we have experience and expertise in making successful presentations to venture capitalists, banks, and other sources of corporate finance. Contact us today.